Sterilizer Lamp


Sterilize any room eliminating 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, including COVID19. We will be able to inhabit the space that has previously been occupied by other people, with the peace of mind of being the surface totally sterilized in an ecological way, not using chemical elements or waste. Its dual function means that you can install the lamp in the upper part of the room, or use it as a desktop.

0,450 kg

20 cm Ø

Covid-19 Free

Table stand
Ceiling installation wiring
220V power plug

Sterilization surface: 12m2 approx. Depending on height.
Different programs: 10min./30min./60min./120min.
Number of Led lamps: 30.
Hours of use: 10,000 hours
Disinfection type: UVC LED.
Facilities: Ceiling / Table
Efficiency: 99.9%
Front safety sensor: 6m.
Side safety sensor: 2m.
Rear safety sensor: 2m
Weight: 450 gr

Eliminate Covid19: Yes

The vanguard
at the service
of daily health.

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“The ease and speed with which you can sterilize the surfaces of a room is incredible”

Miguel Núñez
Hotel Barceló