Inspiration needs someone willing to accept the challenge. QuickSteam and its CEO, Javier Lorenzana, are a good example of this.

During a trip to Bogotá, Javier realizes that within the modernity and cutting-edge technology that characterizes large hotels today (exemplified in a multitude of services and devices) there is something out of tune. Why does something so necessary, such as having your clothes well ironed, require a device (or to be more exact, two) so bulky, impossible to carry with yourself and previously used by strangers?

In this way, QuickSteam was born in response to a lack, but with the aim of not just staying there, but going further. Because if something characterizes Javier, in addition to an intrepid and brave spirit, it is his environmental and human awareness. And this spirit, inevitably, had to be transferred to his project.

The products developed by QuickSteam, distributed to the most advanced hotels, conventions, franchises and tourist complexes in the world, solve various daily needs, but always from a mentality responsible for Nature and an innovative design. This is where its true purpose lies.

In relation to this human character, a percentage of each sale in QuickSteam is destined for charitable purposes. This firm and inalienable condition has its origin in the very conception of the company: we are deeply pleased that our clients, consciously or not, help us to make the world a better place. Little by little; gesture to gesture.


We work with the best

What one can say about oneself is almost always unnecessary: ​​the best cover letter of a brand is its travel companions.

In this sense, at QuickSteam we are fortunate to have the trust of numerous international clients who are a reference, emblems whose mere mention speaks for itself:

Quality and exclusivity

QuickSteam’s R&D department doesn’t settle for less than perfection. What’s more, it continually investigates in search of improving aspects that seem unbeatable.

In this way, our products reflect, both to the eye and to the touch, an inimitable personality and design. Something that can only be achieved by always putting quality and exclusivity first.

Be safe.



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